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Markham Vale

Design and Build

Design and Build (D &B) is the procurement of a specific building to meet the exact requirements of the occupier/tenant.  There is often a misconception that D&B comes with a financial premium with a significant delivery timescale, but this is certainly not the case at Markham Vale.

Henry Boot Developments has a wealth of experience assisted by a specialist design team, to ensure the occupational requirements are fully interpreted into the design whilst maintaining a close control over the delivery cost.

Occupiers tend to undertake D&B when they have specific operational requirements such as size/height of their building or other more bespoke needs like high office content, internal cranage or specific building dimensions.  The key attraction offered by D&B is flexibility with many occupiers opting to future proof the design by enabling the building to be extended easily in the future.

Sustainability is a major consideration, as with all buildings at Markham Vale, but as part of the D&B process there is the option to enhance the buildings ‘green creditials’ even further. Specialist consultants will work with an occupier to explore the various options to satisfy the requirement.

Henry Boot Developments' ability to fund all their projects from internal resources is key to guaranteeing delivery programmes and gives occupiers peace of mind that third party decisions will not influence delivery timescales. Buildings can be provided on freehold or leasehold terms, or on a lease with an option to purchase. Furthermore, with on-site ground works already undertaken Markham Vale offers one of the quickest delivery programmes for a design and build unit in the market.

What exactly is "Design and Build"?

We offer occupiers "Design and Build" packages on serviced development plots with planning permission for industrial and warehouse units. We work with the occupier to design their new facility  and finalise the specification to meet their specific requirement. Once agreed we deliver the completed unit ready for their occupation on time and to the highest quality.

What kind of business would get the maximum benefit from it?

As long as the occupier timescales allow for the delivery of the unit, all businesses benefit from working with a developer from the start as many occupiers we speak to comment that many of the new buildings available in the market are too generic and don't suit their operational needs. They often complain that there are not enough offices, loading doors, or that a specific manufacturing or assembly process can not take place without significant alterations and cost.  All businesses that need a high quality unit, that's tailored to their exact use can benefit from commissioning a building on a design and build basis. It also suits occupiers that have fixed budgets where a specification can be structured around a price.

Who do I contact?

Please contact our agents to discuss your requirements, they will be happy to discuss the options available, timing and indicative costs.

James Keeton – Jones Lang LaSalle : 0115 908 2120
Richard Harris – Jones Lang LaSalle : 0113 244 6440
James Harrison – Burbage Realty : 01604 232555

How quickly can premises be made available?

Markham Vale is unique in being able to offer fully serviced and remediated development sites along with a planning brief agreed with the local authority to enable buildings to be delivered exceptionally quickly. For a typical warehouse unit we are able to provide a building in 26 weeks from finalising terms, and at a fixed price too.

How far can an occupier dictate green/ sustainability requirements?

An environmentally responsible and sustainable development is a key objective of Henry Boot and a cornerstone of the scheme at Markham Vale.  The occupier can set environmental standards of their building but, as a minimum, all units will be built to a minimum of BREEAM Very Good standard. The use of photovoltaic cells, solar, wind and the latest building techniques enables occupiers to fulfil their corporate social responsibilities policies by taking some of the UK's greenest business space. The location fronting the motorway further minimises unnecessary vehicle movements which all contributes positively to a company’s carbon emissions.

My Business has a complex fit-out process, will this delay completion?

As the building is being delivered on a bespoke basis we can be very flexible.  If a specific occupier has a complex plant, or restricted timescales before occupation, we can work with them to enable the earliest possible access date, so the fit-out can run in parallel with the completion of the building.

Do we have to lease premises?

Henry Boot Developments are extremely flexible in their approach at Markham Vale, and units are available on Freehold and Leasehold terms to suit the occupier.

We require a state-of-the-art facility, where do we start?

From the very first meeting, Henry Boot and their experienced professional team will work closely with the occupier to design a bespoke facility to meet their needs and future demands, while focusing on delivering within budget.

We have a restricted budget but require new space to grow the business?

A major benefit of Design & Build is that the building can be value engineered to ensure all the components of the proposed design are essential to the occupier, to ensure that absolute value for money is achieved. The wealth of experience around the table will generate ideas and angles which may never have been considered in order to drive the cost down, but at the same time meet the objectives.


Jamie Dennis – Managing Director of Industrial Ancillaries

"Industrial Ancillaries Ltd, an engineers’ merchant relocated to a 33,600 sq. ft design and build facility at Markham Vale.

Since relocating from our existing premises in the centre of Chesterfield to Markham Vale we have seen out business grow over 25%. due to our new facility allowing us to significantly expand our product range. Markham Vale offered us ideal premises with the right combination of warehouse and officer space. In addition Markham Vales location just off the M1 is convenient for our staff / customers and really helps with our logistics."

Michael Holdworth, Chairman, Holdsworth Foods

"We can cut our delivery times significantly as we will no long have to battle with the town traffic."

Jamie Dennis, Managing Director, Industrial Ancillaries

"Markham Vales location just off the M1 is convenient from for our staff / customers and really helps with our logistics."

Geoff Young, Squadron Medical

"We are really impressed that our move to Markham Vale will result in significant savings due to the building’s efficiency."

Mark Day, Andrew Page

"Markham Vale is the ideal location for our new national distribution facility."

Chris Marples, CEO of inspirepac

“We’re really pleased with the recent deal. Despite tight timescales and the scale of this project, Henry Boot Developments have helped us deliver an environmentally friendly and energy efficient building that suits the needs of our business perfectly. The process was seamless, and the result – a first class job. We’d recommend Henry Boot Developments to anyone looking to bring business into the area.”

Stephen Burr, Director at Meter Provida Ltd 

“Our company is expanding rapidly and we set Henry Boot Developments the task of building and delivering a new industrial unit to a very tight deadline; and they have exceeded our expectations.  We are delighted with the new facility which will enable the company to grow.”  

Jane Bradshaw, Managing Director of Gould Alloys

“We’d been searching for new location for some time as we had very specific needs for our expansion. We required a site which would fit all our requirements and the search concluded perfectly when we landed on Markham Vale. Site accessibility is key, with such close proximity to the motorway; we now have immediate access to the M1. The fantastic location offers a reduced commute for many of our staff and ease of access for our clients too. We’ll be at the heart of the UK’s transport network and strategically located near the major centres of Sheffield, Nottingham and Derby.”

Henry Boot Developments is a wholly owned principal subsidiary of Henry Boot Plc, a publicly quoted company listed on the London Stock Exchange.  The Henry Boot Group has been established for over 120 years, initially operating solely as a building construction concern but since the end of World War II, the Group has diversified into related fields including commercial property development.

Whilst being a publicly quoted company, the majority ownership remains with the founding Boot family despite the company having achieved sustained growth over the years.  The result is an extremely stable and financially secure company to the extent that all the projects undertaken are internally resourced with no external finance requirement, ultimately guaranteeing the ability to deliver projects.

Henry Boot Developments is the prime element of the Henry Boot Group concerned wholly with commercial property development and has been in operation for over 30 years.  The Company has sought and maintains a diverse range of commercial  developments and at any one time is actively undertaking development projects ranging from large strategic employment and distribution sites, through to city centre and edge of centre retail schemes, leisure opportunities and business park developments.

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