Located on the UK's primary
north/south arterial route

Markham Vale sits at the heart of the UK motorway network, between Sheffield and Nottingham. The park has immediate access to the M1 motorway via a dedicated new junction, J29A, making it one of the UK’s premier logistics location.

Travel Times

Sheffield 16 min
Nottingham 30 min
Leeds 1 hour 15 mins
Newcastle 2 hours 15 mins
London 3 hours
East Midlands 30 min
Robin Hood 45 min
Leeds Bradford 1 hour 20 mins
Birmingham 1 hour 30 mins
Manchester 1 hour 30 mins
London Heathrow 3 hours
Hull 30 min
Immingham 1 hour 30 min
Liverpool 2 hours
Felixstowe 4 hours
Southampton 4 hours


Two of the most important factors in deciding where to locate a business are labour rates and operational costs, both of which tend to have the lowest rates in the UK around Sheffield and specifically Markham Vale.

As well as being at the heart of the UK’s transport network, Markham Vale is strategically located near the major centres of Sheffield, Nottingham, Mansfield with Chesterfield and Bolsover in extremely close proximity.

Within 20 minutes of Markham Vale there is a population of over 574,477, offering a abundance of readily available labour.

Excellent public transport links support this large local workforce, whose range of skills reflects the area’s status with a strong history in industry and distribution.